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Food Industry
Peanut Color Sorting Machine
Chili Color Sorting Machine
Garlic Color Sorting Machine
Bean Color Sorting Machine
Cashew Nut Color Sorting Machine
Tea Color Sorting Machine
Sea Food Color Sorting Machine
Spices Color Sorting Machine
Corn Maize Color Sorting Machine
Dehydrated Vegetable Color Sorting Machine
Coffee bean color sorting machine
Frozen Fruit Color Sorting Machine
Seed Color sorter machine
Raisins Color Sorting Machine
Walnut Pecan Color Sorting Machine
Macadamia Nut Color Sorting Machine
Plastic Industry
PET Color Sorting Machine
PS Color Sorting Machine
HDPE Color Sorting Machine
Plastic Flakes Color Sorting Machine
ABS Color Sorting Machine
Plastic granules color sorter
PP Color Sorting machine
Mineral Industry
Feldspar Color Sorting Machine
Quartz Color Sorting Machine
Barite Color Sorting Machine
mineral color sorting machine
Other application
PCB recycling sorting machine
Glass recycling sorting machine separation machine

Product List

Peanut Color Sorting Machine Peanut Color SorterAJL-64-L1-S2 Capacity 2-4 tons per hour | Peanut Color Sorting MachineAJL-128-L1-S2 Capacity 4-6 tons per hour | Peanut color sorter sortexx machineAJL-128-L1-S2 Capacity 4-6 tons per hour/Resorting | Chili color sorting machineAJL-256-L2-S1 Capacity 2-3 tons per hour | Chili flakes dehydrated chili color sorterAJL-1286-L1-S2 Capacity 2tons per hour | Dehydrated garlic color sorterAJL-64-L1-S2 Capacity 1tons per hour | Garlic color sorter color sorting machineAJL-64-L1-K2 Capacity 1tons per hour | Beans color sorter color sorting machineAJL-128-L1-K2 Bean color sorter | Kidney Beans color sorterAJL-128-L1-K2 Kidney Bean color sorter | Pulses color sorter, pulses color sorting machineAJL-128-L1-K2 Pulse color sorter machine | coffee bean color sorter color sorting machineAJL-128-L1-K2 coffee bean color sorter machine | Cashewnut color sorter color sorting machineAJL-128-L1-S2 Cashew nut bean color sorter machine | Tea leaves color sorter Tea color sorting machineAJL-128-L2-S1 Tea color sorter machine | Shrimp color sorter Prawn color sorting machineAJL-128-L2-S1 Prawn Shrimp color sorter machine | Fish color sorting machine fish processing machineAJL-256-L2-S1 fish color sorter machine | Pepper color sorting machineAJL-256-L2-S1 Pepper color sorter machine | Corn color sorting machineAJL-256-L2-S1Corn color sorter machine | Dehydrated onion flakes color sorting machineAJL-128-L1-S2 dehydrated onion flakes sorter | Frozen fruit color sorting machineAJL-128-L1-S2 frozen fruit sorter | Raisins color sorting machineAJL-C8 128 Raisns color sorter | Raisins color sorting machineAC8-128 Raisins color sorter | Waltnut color sorting machineAJL 1-128-S2 walnut color sorter | Macadamia nut color sorting machineAJL 1-128-S2 Macadamia nut color sorter | Pet flakes color sorting machineAJL -256-S1 PET color sorting machine | ABS flakes color sorting machineAJL -256-S1 PET color sorting machine | PS flakes color sorting machineAJL -256-S1 PS color sorting machine | Plastic flakes color sorting machineAJL -256-S1 Plastic color sorting machine | HDPE flakes color sorting machineAJL -256-S1 HDPE color sorting machine | PP flakes color sorting machineAJL -256-S1 PP color sorting machine | Feldspar color sorting machineAJL -128-S1 Feldspar color sorting machine | Mineral color sorting machineAJL -128-S1 Mineral color sorting machine | Quartz color sorting machineAJL -128-S1 quartz color sorting machine | Barite color sorting machineAJL -128-S1 Barite color sorting machine | PCB recycling color sorting machineAJL -128-S1 PCB recycle sorting machine | Peanut color sorterAJL -128-S1 Peanut color sorter | Ground nut color sorterAJL -128-S1 Ground nut color sorter | Chili color sorterAJL -128-S1 chili color sorter | Chili grading machineAJL -128-S1 chili grading machine | Cashew nut color sorterAJL -128-S1 Cashew nut color sorter | walnut Shell Kernel separation machineAJL -L1-128-S1 walnut separation machine | Plastic flakes color separation machineAJL -L2-256-S1 Plastic color separation machine | PET Flakes color separation machineAJL -L2-256-S1 PET separation machine | reciclado de petAJL -L2-256-S1 PET separation machine | máquina de reciclaje de plásticoAJL -L2-256-S1 máquina de reciclaje de plástico | PET recycling machine Color sorterAJL -L2-256-S1 PET recycling machine color sorter | Sunflower seed color sorterAJL -L2-256-S1 sunflower seed color sorter | Glass recycling color sorterAJL -L2-256-S1Glass color sorter | Tea color sorterAJL -L2-256-S1Tea color sorter | Tea color sorterAJL -L2-256-S1Tea color sorter | Raisins color sorterAJL -L2-256-S1Raisin color sorter | Macadamia nut color sorterAJL -L2-256-S1Macadamia nut color sorter | Plastic granules color sorterAJL -L2-256-S1 Granules color sorter | Cashew nut color sorter machineAJL -L2-256-S1 Cashew nut color sorter machine | Coffee bean color sorter machineAJL -L1-S2-128 Coffee bean color sorter machine |


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